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Summary of " Ali: A story of a righteous man"

7/11/20231 min read

Ali: The story of an righteous man

The novel tells the story of the Palestinian Arab volunteers during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), men of high calibre who have been forgotten by history and the record of their deeds lost.

Ali: The Story of an Honorable Man (2017), recounts the journey of Ali Abdel Khaleq, a farmer, member of the Palestinian Communist Party (PCP), and one of five Palestinian Arabs who volunteered in the International Brigades in defense of the Spanish Republic against Francisco Franco’s nationalists.

Ali novel explores Palestinian-Arabs’ combat of fascism during Mandate Palestine. It documents a historical episode that helps debunk the notion that Arabs only collaborated with fascist regimes.

Forty thousand foreign volunteers from 56 countries fought in the war. They were called the international volunteers fighting in the "International Brigades". Among these were five Palestinians, dedicated to the cause of freedom and justice. During the course of the novel, Ali, our hero, becomes an important military commander.

Yassin's search for Ali's grave in Albaceta